Peace after Divorce Workshop

Welcome to After Divorce Ministries! Whether you’re looking for help and support for dealing with your own divorce or seeking curriculum materials for offering a Christian divorce support group at your church, you’re in the right place.

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Meet Renee Smith Ettline, M. Ed., founder of After Divorce Ministries and creator of Peace after Divorce.


What is the Peace after Divorce Workshop?

A Christian Faith-Based Divorce Workshop for Individuals or Groups

This uplifting Christian faith-based workshop gives you practical tools that help you transition from the pain of divorce to a new life. We offer 2 tracks for our Peace after Divorce Workshop: one for individual web-based users, and a second, downloadable version for church groups.

The Peace after Divorce Workshop will provide you with support, growth, and strength as you process the pain of divorce. You no longer must live as one of the walking wounded! Plus, you will learn what God really thinks about divorce, which is a life-changing and empowering moment for many.

Guided by author and founder of After Divorce Ministries, Renee Smith Ettline, M. Ed., you will walk through 8 online video sessions with support materials to enhance your user experience. As you scroll down this page you'll find a curriculum overview and can also listen to participant testimonies for living proof that this study works.

Much more than just a “talky” support meeting, the Peace after Divorce Workshop will get you on your feet and taking affirmative actions that move you towards the joyful life you are meant to live!

Who is the Peace after Divorce Workshop for?

Millions of people have been empowered by the grace of God to take actions that enable them to heal and move past divorce—and you can do the same.

Whether you’re looking for support for coping with divorce, healing from divorce, helping your children cope with divorce, or assisting your congregation with divorce, the Peace after Divorce Workshop is a powerful resource!

For Individuals

We are excited to offer the Peace after Divorce Workshop in an easy-to-use online format for our individual users! Previously offered only in churches, the online version of the Peace after Divorce Workshop comes with 8 self-paced online video sessions, one bonus session, downloadable note sheets, and a closed Facebook group. There's no need to feel alone any longer! The Peace after Divorce Workshop for individuals is perfect for those who are not connected with a divorce ministry within their church, but are still seeking Godly wisdom and support through their divorce journey. It can also be a valuable resource to those who have attended divorce support groups as well as to those who prefer to learn in the privacy of their own home.

For Church Groups

Are you ready to bring expert divorce support to your congregation? Look no further! The Peace after Divorce  Workshop is the downloadable solution for your church's need. When you purchase the Peace after Divorce Workshop, we will supply you with print books, a downloadable Facilitator Handbook with discussion questions, 8 downloadable video sessions to play during your workshop, one bonus session, as well as a downloadable promo video and promotional and support documents. It's everything you need to facilitate a divorce ministry in your church!

Peace after Divorce: Illumination Book Award Winner

As the companion book to this workshop, Peace after Divorce by Renee Ettline is recognized as an Exemplary Christian Self-Help Book by the Illumination Book Awards!

The Illumination Book Awards are designed to honor the year's best new titles written and published with a Christian worldview. 

What Others Are Saying about the Peace after Divorce Workshop...

Hear how real participants of the Peace after Divorce Workshop experienced healing and breakthrough!


The Peace after Divorce Workshop: Curriculum Overview

Wondering what's included in the workshop? Here's a breakdown of the program, session by session.

Session 1 - Take Charge

The choice is yours, you don’t have to settle with living in the past or being one of the walking wounded.  With God’s help you can become proactive about healing and you can thrive.  Jump start your journey as Renee introduces the workshop, encourages you with hope, and shares 7 foundations for healing.

Session 2 - Seek Renewal

You want to heal from divorce but where do you start?  You may be surprised.  Find out how you can avoid problems and set yourself up for success by learning to make solid prayerful decisions about the changes in your life. 

Session 3 - Untie the Emotional Knot

How do you stop the pain and untie the emotional knot?  As tempting as it may be, brushing emotions away doesn’t lead to peace.  In this session, Renee discusses the emotional divorce and outlines 6 foundations for breaking emotional ties.

Session 4 - Look Inside

You know that fear, guilt, regrets, rejection, loss, grief, and a wounded sense of self-worth can all be a part of the fallout of divorce.  But how do you process all of this?  Join Renee as she shares insights and spiritual tools that support healing in these areas.

Session 5 - Cast Away Stones

Hurt, anger and harsh feelings toward your former spouse may be justified.  But, living your life in bitterness will deepen a victim mindset and steal your joy.  In this life-changing session, Renee clarifies the concept of forgiveness and shares how forgiving frees you to focus on your own healing.

Session 6 - Redirect Your Thoughts

Learn how taking control of your thoughts can reduce your emotional vulnerability and increase your sense of peace.  Renee shares powerful tools you can use again and again to replace unhealthy thoughts with thoughts that move you to a more joyful and peaceful life.

Session 7 - Choose Your Actions

Dealing with your ex or soon-to-be-ex is stressful, in part because divorce redefines your relationship.  Learn how knowing your rights and responsibilities can help you set healthy boundaries.  Renee also outlines five guidelines for communicating with your ex and shows how they are rooted in the Word of God.

Session 8 - Consider What's Next

God didn’t create you just to exist. This session talks about moving forward with a focus on developing your own goals and dreams as well as how not to carry old wounds into new relationships.  God does have a plan for your life; you can “go out in joy and be led forth in peace.”

BONUS SESSION: Helping Children Cope with Divorce

How can you help your children thrive despite the realities of divorce?  Renee highlights practical steps you can take to build their sense of security and help your children cope with divorce.

"Peace after Divorce is very easy to offer. It truly is effective in helping people heal from divorce and draw closer to Christ."

Rebecca Rink
Grace United Methodist Church, Charleston, SC

"People who are hurting from divorce need immediate help. I believe in this ministry because I’ve watched as it helps people prayerfully take responsibility for their own healing. I also like that it is scripturally based."

Frances Chesnut
Church of the Holy Cross, Daniel Island, SC

"Other’s experiences made me feel that I wasn’t crazy, that I’m doing great for where I am right now."

Peace after Divorce Workshop

"This helped me know what to expect and what needs to be considered as I cope with divorce."

Peace after Divorce Workshop

"I felt like my eyes were opened. I had thought God would not let me into heaven."

Peace after Divorce Workshop

"I have been able to let go of some of the anger towards my ex and myself."

Peace after Divorce Workshop

"My kids tell me they are happy I’m coming to the workshop. They say I am happier."

Peace after Divorce Workshop

"I appreciate the opportunity this (workshop) group has given me to heal my own soul and help others as well!"

Peace after Divorce Workshop

"…this program brings grace, hope and peace into the divorce experience. Thank you for your witness to God’s love!"

Pastor Pamela Schroeder
Ankeny, Iowa

"The information is so on target with what I’m going through, I just can’t believe it."

Cheri Fernandes
Peace after Divorce Workshop

"Peace after Divorce has really been a very, very fruitful ministry…to so many folks, and they have truly found peace."

Pastor Ron Hamilton
Seacoast Church West Campus, Charleston, SC


Pricing Options

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Online Access

Self Paced

8 Video Sessions

BONUS VIDEO SESSION: Helping Children Cope

Downloadable Note Sheets

Closed Facebook Group Membership

NOTE: The book, Peace after Divorce is a companion to this course and may be purchased by clicking here.






Includes Downloadable Access To:

8 Video Sessions

Facilitator Handbook (Including Discussion Questions, Activities and More)

2 Promo Videos

Promotional & Support Documents

BONUS VIDEO SESSION: Helping Children Cope

NOTE:  Once you place your order below for the Leader Materials listed above, it's time to order your Peace after Divorce books through  Each participant and each facilitator will need a book.  Most churches recoup costs by charging participants for their books. 

US domestic orders only.  Churches outside the US contact us for order information.


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